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Code of Conduct

Safety 1st

At Easton, we encourage all visitors to have fun while also helping to keep our community safe and healthy. Our Center’s #1 priority is the safety and wellness of our employees, guests, vendors and partners. During the pandemic, we have been in full support of, and in compliance with, all state safety orders and have implemented protocols to ensure a safe environment for shopping, dining, and experiencing everything Easton has to offer, and as such, we are continuing to uphold our robust cleaning and air filtration protocols. Our brands are also diligently working to provide a safe experience for guests – and all guests must abide by their individual rules and regulations, including mask policies.

(Updated 03/08/2022)

Updated 3/8/2022:
City of Columbus Mask Mandate Lifted
Effective immediately, masks are no longer required in public spaces at Easton Town Center and in the City of Columbus. Mayor Andrew Ginther signed the ordinance Monday, March 7, 2022 rescinding the City’s mask mandate. Easton Public Safety and Guest Services will still be providing masks for unvaccinated guests and those who choose to wear one. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Public Safety at 614-416-7001.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: All guests are required to respect and abide by all of our brands’ individual mask and safety protocols, policies and procedures.

Guests of Easton are our neighbors and friends who we’ve promised an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience, in an environment that feels safe and secure. This is the Easton Code of Conduct that helps us keep this promise. Thank you for your help in maintaining the pleasant and safe environment we all deserve at Easton.

The buildings, garages, streets, and common areas at Easton are privately owned, which means we define the rules of conduct in these spaces.

While we always encourage a good time, we do not allow the following on our grounds:

  • Disrespectful or discourteous behavior that is ill-mannered, rude or inconveniencing to Easton guests 
  • Offensive behavior that interrupts normal business activity or disturbs other guests
  • Fighting, pushing, shoving or other disorderly behavior
  • Obscene language or actions, including swear words, racial slurs, inappropriate gestures
  • Running, shouting, throwing objects, spitting
  • Littering, defacing or damaging property – including graffiti
  • Underage drinking or smoking – including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vapor cigarettes – and all other illegal substances
  • Failure to respond to reasonable requests or direction from our Easton staff
  • Any illegal activity
  • Wearing of exposed undergarments, or dressing in a way that is likely to create a disturbance or cause open conflict with others
  • Gang signs and symbols
  • Attire with offensive messaging or images
  • Clothing that obscures the face such as hooded sweatshirts or masks. This excludes PPE masks and face coverings for safety precautions mentioned above. 
  • Congregating in groups larger than 4 people
  • Standing, walking or sitting in a manner that blocks walkways, stairs, doors or storefronts
  • Loitering on foot or in a vehicle that blocks access and hinders guests’ enjoyment of our grounds. Loiterers include guests who refuse to move once they’re encouraged to take part in one of our dining, entertainment or retail experiences.
  • Riding skateboards, skywalkers, hoverboards, or scooters; wearing rollerblades; operating drones 
  • Loud car stereos
  • Children under the age of 16, unless accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian over 21 (at all times)
  • Engaging in any act defined by Federal, State or Local Law constituting a criminal offense
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Unauthorized photography or videography
  • Scavenging, soliciting, including picketing, literature distribution or petitioning
  • Pets, except for service animals (dogs and miniature horses); or, animals with guests patronizing pet stores on property or involved with Easton sponsored events.
  • Overnight parking
  • Those under 18 during school hours

Parental Escort Policy

We welcome all visitors to Easton. However, children under the age of 16 may not be on property unless accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21 at all times. This policy was enacted Spring 2020.

Violators of these codes may be subject to expulsion, banning, arrest and/or prosecution for criminal trespass. Easton reserves the right to amend these policies at any time.

*Updated June 2021. All rules and regulations are subject to change.

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