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Nature Walk

Pollinator-friendly areas are desperately needed in communities far and wide. At Easton, we’ve developed low-mow and no-mow areas to create a natural environment for pollinators and wildlife. These fields have native grasses and plants, and nesting boxes for bees, birds and bats.

We invite you to enjoy the Nature Walk, located at Easton Loop West and Easton Way, south of Trader Joe’s. All dogs must be on a leash.

Low-Mow/No-Mow Areas

This location is only mowed once or twice a year to allow the area to maintain its natural state and allow native plants and grasses to grow. In doing so, this provides:

  1. an excellent habitat for pollinators to live by supplying shelter, food, breeding ground, and protection from predators, and
  2. a lush place for native plants to grow and produce flowers for food and nectar, while the undisturbed soil is used by many bee species since they are ground nesters.

We are also able to improve water quality by filtering pollutants and pesticides that would have otherwise entered the water. As well as reduce carbon emissions by eliminating mowing, no longer applying fertilizers, and reducing water consumption by not irrigating.

Nature Walk at Easton.

Our Nature Walk Map

Our Nature Walk map shows you stops along the trail where you can find bat boxes, bee boxes, bird boxes, doggie stations and more information about the trail. 

View Nature Walk Map PDF
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