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Shop like it’s 1999: Where to Get the Look at Easton

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Apart from 1999 being our founding year, the 90s bring back a lot of memories – maybe you are still chasing your dreams of becoming a member of the Spice Girls or NSYNC, or maybe JT and Brittany Spears are still your #RelationshipGoals.

As the saying goes, “what goes around comes around”. Not only is “The Macarena” still popular at weddings to this day, but 90s fashion has had a resurgence as well. Just like Rose said to Jack in the 1997 Titanic, we’ll “never let go” of these 90’s clothing trends—here’s where to get the look at Easton.


The 90s did the near impossible and made overalls go from farmland fashion to runway chic – bonus points if you wore one or both straps down. We also saw Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rocking denim overalls in their popular films all throughout the 90s. Now in 2019, overalls still remain a casual and comfortable wardrobe staple. To make the outfit even more 90s-inspired, pair it with a crop top. To add denim overalls to your summer wardrobe, stop by Madewell or H&M.

Fanny Packs

They may be called “belt bags” now, but we know a fanny pack when we see one. Fanny packs were first sent down the runway again in 2014 at the Chanel Couture show and have made a strong comeback ever since. These functional, bulky nylon or cotton 90s bags have since taken a modern twist and can now be found in sleek leather with metal hardware. Since their resurgence, fanny packs have become a lifesaver for concert and festival attendees everywhere. Pick up your own fanny pack at American Eagle or Pac Sun.

Slip Dresses

In the 90s, supermodel Kate Moss was known for her “too cool to care” style that was emulated in the minimalistic and grunge clothing style that exemplified the decade. One of Moss’ most iconic trendsetting pieces was the slip dress, with spaghetti straps and sheer material. The slip dress has since made its return on spring runways and can be worn casually with a graphic tee underneath or with a leather jacket for a nighttime look. To shop slip dresses, check out Francesca’s Collections or Anthropologie.


The choker was the go-to accessory of the 90s for basically every age, from children with candy chokers to Princess Diana with pearl encrusted chokers. Some of the most iconic 90s supermodels and actresses were known for kicking off the choker trend. The choker has since made its reappearance, but much like the fanny pack, this time with a more modern twist. This accessory staple now typically rests at the base of the neck. The choker brings with it the cool, grungy style of the 90s and frames the face better than a longer necklace would. Head over to Free People or Hot Topic to grab yours.

Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are another 90s staple that was plastered all over TV screens, whether worn by Cher in Clueless or by Rachel in Friends. Today, celebrities such as Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have brought tiny sunglasses back to both runways and sidewalks everywhere. Tiny sunglasses are more chic and wearable than ever before and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different face shapes. “As if” you wouldn’t catch us in this trend – Sunglass Hut and Zumiez has you covered for your perfect pair.

Fortunately, the Y2K apocalyptic computer bug crisis didn’t wipe us all out at the end of 1999, and we are able to not only celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2019, but also carry some of the same trends from our founding year in our stores today. Put down your Tamagotchi and beanie babies and come shop with us like it’s 1999!

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