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7 Menswear Trends and Hacks Every Guy Should Know

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Let’s face it, guys, when it comes to style, we could all use a little more help. A big part of looking your best includes knowing what to wear, and how to wear it.

But most of us aren’t naturals in either area. So, to help, we asked two new Easton retailers—Indochino and UNTUCKit—to let us in on a few menswear secrets that can help us look our best (even on a budget).

Menswear Tips from UNTUCKit at Easton

About UNTUCKit

The untucked shirt is a look that is often done too little justice. UNTUCKit came up with a solution: shirts that are designed to fall at the perfect length every time so you can always look sharp—even at your most casual.

With the recent opening of UNTUCKit at Easton, we asked the store’s fashion experts to highlight a few tips and tricks for confidently mastering the laid-back and casual untucked look.

Untucked Collared Shirts

The untucked look is bigger and more acceptable than ever. If done correctly, the style will make you feel comfortable and confident, while also looking sharp and fashionable. However, many shirts aren’t designed to be worn untucked, which can create an unappealing look. Luckily, UNTUCKit at Easton offers stylish shirts that are meant to be worn untucked. 

Checking for Shirt Fit

The stylists at Easton’s UNTUCKit offered an incredibly easy way to check the size of your shirts to make sure they fit correctly. While standing up with your shirt collar buttoned, check the fit by placing two fingers between the collar and your neck. If you can easily fit more fingers, your collar is too large. If you can’t fit two fingers, you’re probably well aware your collar is too small.

To check fit in the shoulders, stand up straight with your sleeve cuffs buttoned. The shoulder seam should sit on top of your shoulder. If the seam is drooping on your arm, you should size down.

If you’re wearing an untucked shirt, the hem (bottom of shirt on the front) should fall about halfway down your pant zipper. Any longer and the shirt is either too big or is not designed to be worn untucked. If that’s the case, each and every UNTUCKit shirt creates a perfect hemline that always looks polished and comfortable.

If you’re wearing a sport coat over any button-up shirt, the shirt sleeve should peek out about a quarter inch outside the sport coat, showing just a little bit of your shirt beyond the sport coat sleeve. The shirt’s hem, however, should never show beyond the bottom of the jacket. UNTUCKit shirts are designed to pair perfectly with their sport coats, so you’ll always see that perfect quarter inch of sleeve—and no hem below the jacket.

The Italian/Master Sleeve Roll

While many guys go with the traditional, no-brainer method of rolling the sleeves—roll multiple times until it’s at the desired length—it can often create a chunky, uncomfortable, and easily unraveled fold 

The experts at UNTUCKit recommend the Italian, or Master style of sleeve rolling, which required only two folds. If you have a long-sleeve shirt with a cuff, unbutton the cuff and pull it all the way up so the cuff falls just above the crook of your elbow. Then take the bottom of the sleeve and fold it again so it lands right in the crook of your elbow. This technique will create a streamlined roll that’s comfortable and will stay in place all day long.

Makeshift Collar Save

Several types of collared shirts, including all UNTUCKit shirts, include a collar stay that keeps the collar crisp and standing tall without flopping. If you’re in a bind and lose the collar stay, the stylists recommend taking a large paper clip and inserting it where the collar stay should be. This will keep the collar in place until you can get a proper collar stay.

Looking for more tips? Be sure to check out the UNTUCKED Magazine for more tips, tricks and trends.

Menswear Tips from Indochino at Easton

About Indochino

Indochino was founded on the belief that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe. With a premium made-to-measure experience that fits the modern man’s style and budget, customers step into the shoes of a designer to create custom suits, chinos, blazers and overcoats from hundreds of fabrics and personalization options.

With the recent opening of Indochino at Easton, we asked the store’s professional stylists to highlight the tips and tricks they need to suit up for success.

Tailor-Made Suits at an Affordable Price

If you’re looking to up your suit game but don’t know where to start, a showroom experience is a fantastic option. A professional stylist will literally walk you through the steps and create a made-to-measure suit just for you.

Think the service will cost you an arm and a leg? Think again. Indochino at Easton—a premium made-to-measure clothier—offers a completely complimentary showroom experience

To start, book an appointment online, over the phone or simply walk in. Once inside, an experienced Indochino stylist will talk with you about your style preferences and ask some basic questions to learn more about what you’re looking for in a suit.

Then, they’ll get your exact measurements and walk you through their world-class showroom where you can feel the fabrics, see the colors and pick out the style you like best.

Finally, your stylist will go through your customization and personalization options and bada-bing-bada-boom, the order is made. Typical time per appointment? About an hour. A few days later, a custom-made suit is delivered right to your doorstep.

Double-Breasted Suits and Overcoats

One of the most popular trends in professional attire right now is double-breasted suits. In fact, Indochino gets dozens of customers asking about it each day, and for good reason. It’s hard to find this type of suit off the rack, and the Easton retailer is one of the few to offer it. This style of suit is a bit more formal than your typical single-breasted, making it perfect for company events, galas, weddings and other high-end affairs.

The double-breasted overcoat is another big trend that’s great for layering on warmth in the winter while still showing off your fashion sense. Obviously, Indochino at Easton has a unique and top-notch selection of overcoats to choose from.

Mixing Patterns

While it’s acceptable to wear a plain solid suit every day, it can get boring, and doesn’t do much to show off your personality. That’s where pattern mixing comes in. Indochino stylists do a great job of infusing different patterns and colors in a way that matches your style.

They recommend using micro-patterns with fine lines on a suit or through accessories such as pocket squares, ties and lapels. This is a cool way to show off your personality in an untraditional way that’s also suitable for more conservative environments.

Want to learn more about what Indochino has to offer? Visit their blog to discover additional tips, tricks and trends.

Final Words

A poorly fit outfit is both uncomfortable to wear and look at. The stylists at Indochino and UNTUCKit provide prime-fitting shirts that look like they were made just for you. If you follow these menswear tips, you’ll be ready to take on any occasion with trendy, stylish and comfortable clothing. Visit UNTUCKit and Indochino the next time you’re at Easton to truly maximize what you can do with your wardrobe.

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