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Easton Station Building Refresh Reveal

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The Easton Station Building has been an integral part of the Easton experience since the center was opened in 1999. After nearly 20 years, this beloved area deserved a refresh that would allow our tenants to shine and our visitors to experience Easton in a whole new way! We’ve added a lot of fun elements and have a few special surprises in store for you that you may notice in the near future.

For the past year, Easton designers and architects have contemplated and developed multiple designs that would take this iconic building into the future, while remaining true to its original design. We’re excited to share this transformation with you!

Refresh Details

From new lights and floors, to updated colors and materials, to our modern, new staircase, the Station Building is looking like it was built just yesterday! The multimillion-dollar refresh included the following updates.

The first thing you’ll probably notice in the new and improved Station Building is the grand staircase! These monumental stairs have new lights that can display a range of over a million colors. While the existing railing was not replaced, the original fabricator from 1999 constructed hundreds of additional linear feet to match the additions on each side of the grand staircase. Isn’t that cool?

Speaking of lights, we ordered 1,370 feet of color changing uplighting to match the staircase. If you lined these lights up, they would stretch from the pop up fountain behind Brio to the Central Park Fountain in the North District! The new lighting will reduce the Station Building’s energy usage by more than $100,000 each year. And with new lights, comes new light fixtures! Each of the original chandeliers near AMC Easton 30 that were removed weighed as much as a car, and were over 22 feet long end to end.

You can’t have new lights without new tiles, windows and signage! We replaced 80,000 square feet of flooring with new, bright white tiles, which is enough to cover 1.5 football fields! To allow for more natural light to enter the north side of the Station Building, we added new windows at the main rotunda by AMC, too. As you embark on a journey through the new Station Building, you’ll also find new signage and directories to help get you from A to B!

As the epicenter of Easton, the Station Building was in desperate need of a new color scheme! We repainted all the railings and beams with some neutral colors to give them a modern and timeless feel. Combined with the white tiles, the Station Building looks bigger and brighter than ever before.

As if that isn’t enough to make you want to check out the new transformation, the south side of the building was extended to add two new tenant spaces, and the south entrance has two new passageways with sliding doors, much like the north entrance to the Station Building. Additionally, we were able to create two new tenant spaces near the grand staircase.

An Enhanced Easton Experience

As an Easton guest, you can expect these changes to enhance your experience in more ways than one! The improved signage and directories will give patrons an easily accessible way to explore all that Easton has to offer. The natural lighting and new tiles will bring a new, bright and light feel to the space, and the new windows and doorways will make it easier to access Station Building. Not to mention our fun, color changing lights that will give us a fun way to interact with visitors with unlimited possibilities.

Visitors are also loving the new staircase! It’s another great space for a photo op like the timeless Central Park Fountain and Town Square. You’ll also be able to find your favorite tenants more easily, because they truly have a chance to pop with the new, neutral colors of the Station Building.

Head to Easton and check out the new Station Building for yourself!

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