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Sunflower Patch

Pollinator-friendly areas are desperately needed in communities far and wide. At Easton, we’ve developed a Sunflower Patch to provide a sustainable habitat for pollinators. 

This area provides a safe, natural habitat for pollinators to live and thrive in, and creates an opportunity for the Easton community to experience the beauty of the sunflower. 

Sunflowers are rich with nectar and pollen, and are essential to Apiculture, or the way honeybees produce honey and wax. They are also a much-needed food source for all types of wildlife, and their seeds have great dietary benefits for humans too!

Locate Us

Our sunflower patch is located just East of the Hilton and is accessible via Easton Way. There is parking to the north of the patch and a path mowed so you can explore, take photos, and enjoy. Our sunflowers bloom in the summer months.

The focus of this image is on one sunflower in a field of sunflowers in front of the Hilton hotel at Easton.

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