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Bee Friendly at Easton

Working alongside the Central Ohio Beekeepers Association, we're working to increase the local honeybee population.

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At Easton, we understand the importance of our responsibility to the environment and being a sustainable partner in our community. We are committed to using our property to inspire and implement solutions that preserve, protect, and improve our environment.

We’re focused on three objectives: protecting pollinators, preserving natural habitats, and improving the environment. And, as part of our efforts to protect pollinators, pollinator-friendly plants have been incorporated into all of our floral landscape displays.

A bee in a flower patch at Easton.
A bee flying near a flower at Easton.

The installation of sunflowers, clover, milkweed, and other pollinator plant species that we have grown over the last 3 years have created an ideal habitat for honeybees and other pollinators to thrive at Easton.

Working alongside the Central Ohio Beekeepers Association (COBA), we currently maintain nine beehives in a remote area to increase the local honeybee population. A direct result is having our very own Easton Honey! Through these hives, Easton and COBA were able to extract over 60 pounds of honey.

At the 2022 Ohio State Fair, a frame of this honey was entered into the competition and won second place in the Creative Arts category. See pictures of Easton’s award-winning honey production below. To learn more about COBA, visit

Bees in a beehive at Easton
A frame of Easton honey on display at the Ohio State Fair with a Second Place award ribbon on it.

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