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Easton Egg Hunt

April 1 - April 16, 2022

The Easter Bunny has visited Easton and scattered eggs all over the Town! Explore Easton using the clues below to find the Easter Bunny’s eggs and receive a special Easter treat.

How to participate:
Print the Egg Hunt Checklist on the bottom of this page or visit the Guest Services desk to pick one up. Follow the clues to find each egg and write down what it looks like (i.e. covered in clouds or pink polka dots) or take a picture of the egg on your smartphone. Find five eggs or more and return your answers to Guest Services for a special treat from the Easter Bunny himself! Limit one prize per person.

Egg Hunt Clues

All eggs are located outdoors. Make sure you look down!

Clue #1
The first place to give a look is where you’d go to buy a book!
Clue #2
Your next location is just across the way, find a tiny model town with a working train!
Clue #3
To get this next clue you’ll need to be wise; you go here when you want to exercise!
Clue #4
Even though they are made of colorful bricks, this group of friends are the coolest chicks!
Clue #5
Your next stop is closer than you think, it’s covered with flowers and painted bright pink!
Clue #6
To find your next egg and the ones who hid it, find the place where everyone says “RIBBIT!”
Clue #7
Hop across to the block’s end to build your very own Easter bunny friend!
Clue #8
Now to continue your scavenger route, find an outdoor place with a giant boot!
Clue #9
Your destination is the name of something that falls when hit with a heavy bowling ball!
Clue #10
In Easton’s newest area where fun is all the rage, you can find the last egg hanging out center stage!
Download & Print the Clues
A bunny rabbit.

If you’re stumped, you can click the “I need a hint!” button below to view a map of all ten eggs and their locations.

I Need a Hint!