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It’s Earth Day! How are you celebrating?

Each year, April 22 marks Earth Day – a day to demonstrate support (and love) for our planet and for environmental protection. This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.”

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Each year, April 22 marks Earth Day – a day to demonstrate support (and love) for our planet and for environmental protection. This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.”

With concerns about climate change – more extreme weather events, depletion of clean water and natural resources, and the increased amount of pollution – organizations across the globe, including many of our brands here at Easton, are taking significant action to reduce their impact on and invest in the future of our planet.

Here are just a few of the initiatives and programs our brands – locally or at the corporate level – have implemented.

Clean, Sustainable product.
From Swarovski’s commitment to using responsibly-sourced and recycled raw materials, to Zara’s Join Life standard for materials and manufacturing, brands are evaluating and adjusting how their products are sourced, manufactured, and transported.

Levi’s Water<Less® technique aims to use less water while still achieving the iconic look of Levi’s denim. Historically, denim was placed into giant washing machines and tumbled with stones – literally stonewashed. But a Water<Less technique may simply use a thimble of water and some ozone instead of detergent. For a soft feel typically achieved by using fabric softener, jeans may be tumbled with bottle caps and golf balls instead.

Sephora, LUSH, Buff City Soaps, and The Body Shop offer lines of beauty and skincare products that use only natural ingredients, are fragrance- and dye-free, and with less packaging.

Green energy usage and initiatives.
Several of our brands rank in the Top 30 of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership retail sector, which encourages organizations to use green power to protect human health and the environment. GPP organizations work to, among other things, reduce air emissions and pollution and recognize leadership and impact in green power use.

Starbucks (3), H&M (7), Sephora (8), REI (10), and The Container Store (13) each rank on the list as leaders in green power usage.

Product recycling.
Over the last few years, research and studies have shown that fast fashion is one of the greatest contributors to waste in the world. This has inspired a consumer shift toward thrifting and secondhand stores and websites, giving clothing a longer life cycle than before.

Many brands are embracing this by creating trade-in and donation opportunities – like Madewell’s Denim Recycling Program and H&M’s Close the Loop initiative – to reduce the amount of textiles that show up in landfills. REI’s Garage Sale gives co-op members access to pre-loved gear for a discounted price. And Levi’s has a dedicated website for secondhand denim. And Nike Grind recycles materials originating from Nike’s manufacturing scrap, unsellable products, and worn-out sneakers to be used by Nike and its partners to create new materials.

In addition to textile recycling, Whole Foods has partnered with a local compost organization to recycle food scraps, creating rich soil for the community that helps fertilize and replenish soil and plants in the community.

Sustainable packaging.
From reusable bags, replacing plastic with paper and compostable materials, beauty product refills, and a reduction of packaging, brands are making progress toward reducing waste and contributing to a circular lifecycle of materials.

Trader Joe’s has worked to improve packaging on over 200 of its products by labeling materials, eliminating excess components, and increasing the amount of recycled and sustainably sourced materials, and removing the non-sustainable materials.

LUSH has committed to becoming fully circular and many of its practices are making a huge impact. Being “naked” (meaning their products are sold without packaging), using regenerative materials when new materials are needed, and buying quality materials that last.

Investing in Earth’s future.
These certainly aren’t the only brands committed to reducing their impact on the health of the Earth. At Easton, we are proud to support our own sustainability initiatives, which you can read all about here. We are a shopping, dining, health, wellness, and entertainment destination for millions of guests each year, so it’s imperative that we take sustainability and eco-friendly practices seriously. Our small steps steward a healthy, sustainable environment, benefitting our community and beyond.

Together, we can make every day Earth Day!

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