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Post Movember Shaving Tips From The Art of Shaving

If you spent the last month growing out your facial hair and are ready for a shave, we have some good news! December 1 is right around the corner and we've teamed up with our friends at The Art of Shaving to create an awesome offer we hope you'll take full advantage of. 

When you book a traditional $40 shave at The Art of Shaving Easton during the first week of December (December 1 – 7), you can take your receipt to our Guest Services station and get a $40 Easton gift card! Not only will you get a professional shave, but the Easton Community Foundation will match each $40 shave validated at Guest Services with their own $40 contribution to Central Ohio Men Against Prostate Cancer!

Having a hard time deciding whether you want to keep or trim the beard or 'stache you worked so hard on? Keep reading for some helpful grooming tips that will come in handy any time of year. 

Avoid Shampoo

No, we’re not telling you to avoid showering (please shower). What we are trying to tell you is that applying shampoo to your facial hair can do more harm than good. The soapy liquid that washes the dirt out of your hair actually strips out the natural oils that keep your beard healthy and moisturized. After every wash, though, it’s highly recommended that you use conditioner to soften up your facial hair.

Apply Beard Oil

Rather than shampoo your beard, rub it with some beard oil! Best used after your shower while your pores are still open, beard oil will help keep your facial hair shiny, soft and good-smelling. It also helps prevent beard dandruff, which is an unfortunately real affliction. Art of Shaving carries top-of-the-line beard oils to help you maintain your mane.  

Resist Fiddling

Any time you go a considerable time without shaving, it's natural to fiddle with your facial hair. As hard as it might be, DON'T! While fiddling with your beard may feel nice, it can lead to split ends (never thought you’d have to worry about those, eh?) and bald patches. If you simply must play with your beard, trimming and combing can help combat split ends and even out those facial bald spots.

Eat Like A Man

Did you know that your diet affects the health of your facial hair? It’s true! Your beard is made from fats and proteins, and relies on vitamins B5, B3 and B9 to reach its full potential. If you’re seriously committed, that means eating lots of meat, nuts, milk, greens and egg yolk.

Trim Wisely

Even when you’re growing your beard or moustache, it’s still important to trim it regularly if you want it to look good. Therefore, you should invest in a quality trimmer to make sure you line it up exactly how it’s supposed to. It’s highly recommended that you plan the look you want before applying the razor to your face.

It’s Not A Race

If December 1 comes around and you decide to shave your beard off, don’t treat it like a race. Going too fast will leave your face covered in nicks and scratches. Rather, take the extra 10 seconds to go with the grain, and add water to your shaving cream for an even smoother shave. Too much hassle? When it comes times time to trim, shave or groom your Movember masterpiece, consider enlisting help from the experts. Not only does it save you the hassle of doing it yourself, but it also feels a hundred times better when it’s done by someone who is literally trained to do it.

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