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Anthropologie Talks 2017 Styles for Women

One of the most exciting parts of a new year is welcoming new style trends into our lives. 2017 has already given rise to several new fashion trends sweeping through stores around the nation. With so many new styles to choose from, it can be hard to keep it all straight. With that in mind, Easton TrendE recently sat down with Anthropologie personal stylist, Tammie Parnell, to help get a better sense of what’s in for 2017 and how to get the look at Anthropologie.

Tammie has been with Anthropologie since April of 2016 and has a life full of experience in the fashion and personal styling industry. Her love for fashion began in the third grade when she spotted a pair of jeans with pink satin embellishment that she had to have, and the rest is history. Having lived in San Francisco for 15 years Tammie has been surrounded by a variety of fashion influencers and luckily for Easton, has returned to Columbus to share her talents. Turning her favorite hobby into a career, fashion is second nature to this fun and bubbly personal stylist who is your go-to for building a wardrobe that best embodies you.

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What styles were big in 2016 that are starting to lose popularity?


I think the days of really stretchy, tight jegging jeans are on the way out. Skinnies are still in, but they’re now more of a straight-fit, firmer denim. Low-rise jeans are also going out, and I’m seeing a big shift to mid- and high-rise.

Last year, there was a brief lingerie dressing phase where people were wearing slips and camisoles. I think that, too, has run its course. Shrunken jackets have given way to the oversized bomber, and even denim jackets.

Five-inch heels, although they’ll always have their place, are going more by the wayside. The whole in-between block-heels, mules and flat slides are beginning to take over. I think shoes in general are being seen as more of a statement in things like the Stan Smith Adidas, patched shoes, metallics and platform oxfords. Most importantly, these shoes are all comfortable, which I think women will appreciate.



What do you think are the biggest fashion trends of 2017?


Definitely statement sleeves – bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, big long sleeves with ties around them, etc. They’re really coming into style this year. For shoes, I think mules and oxfords. I also think white and bone-colored boots are going to be big. Other big fashion trends are anything with bright colors, stripes, ruffles, big statement earrings and definitely stiffer, straight-legged denim.

Laying and print-mixing are really trendy right now – that is, whatever you can layer on top of each other that looks fun and shows off your unique flair. It’s an anything-goes type of style – which can be both good and bad – but ultimately it’s simple, quirky and easy-going.

For me, personally, I like to have a feminine edge in every outfit I wear – something men could never pull off, like statement sleeves. The 100% denim – like Levi’s Wedgie – is one of my favorites because you can feel confident it’s the right size when you leave the store, and that it’s not going to stretch and change later on.




How can people who want to incorporate the year’s hottest styles still stay within a budget?


Since there’s so much fashion out there, I think people shopping on a budget should pick a trend they like and buy one or two pieces at a time. They can even be small things, like a colorful purse, belt or bell sleeve top.

If they want to splurge on one trendy piece, I think a statement bomber would be a great choice – something in satin, velvet-embroidered, maybe something like sherpa that’s a bit on the bigger side. Bombers come in so many options and you can pair them with just about anything. I think one thing missing from a lot of peoples’ closets is a really good-fitting denim.


Can people find that trendy “look” at Anthropologie?


Absolutely. Anthropologie is cool in that we offer a lot of special “boutique” pieces, along with those everyday staples. There’s something for everybody here!


This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery. How can people incorporate that into their wardrobe, and what are some complimentary colors to pair with it?


Greenery is a hard head-to-toe color because it’s very bright. For the average person, I would pick a tone of green (I like kelly green) that suits you. You can always utilize it in small doses – in a purse, shoes, sandals, etc. In terms of pairing, white is always a good option – like white jeans and a green top, for instance – as well as bright magenta, lapis blue and satin. Blush pink and bright green can be a really cute look!



As a personal stylist, what advice would you give someone looking to revamp their wardrobe in 2017?


This is a really great year to revamp your wardrobe, because of the anything-goes state of mind. Basics can be added to with something bright on top – you can pick a quirky, easy-going t-shirt with balloon sleeves or even go with a bright-colored sweatshirt. Think about what color looks good on you and pick the brightest version of it. Decide how you like to feel and choose one or two things that most represent that and stick with it.

I think the trickiest part about being a personal stylist is getting people to try something new. Even if someone is stuck, they’ll still want to hold on to what they’ve always known. What I love about my job is being a kind of fitting room psychiatrist.

The best thing you can put on every day is confidence, so it’s important for women to look at themselves as a whole, and not nitpick small features that nobody else will notice. At any stage or phase of your life, you can find something to make you look good! Getting that across is very rewarding.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?


Other people. I follow a lot of different people on Instagram – Chiara Ferragni, for example. I also read a lot of fashion magazines, like People Style Watch.


Any last thoughts about the fashion at Anthropologie?


Anthropologie has a lot of different styles covering a very broad age range. One thing I think a lot more people can take advantage of here is our free personal styling. It’s not intimidating or judgmental. It’s for people who simply want a second opinion, or advice. I’ve helped people with everything from family photo outfits to whole wardrobe changes for a new job! To make an appointment with Tammie, contact her at 925-305-1191 or


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